Knowledge Base


1. How does the Email Finder work?

Our algorithm indexes public web pages and simulates emails based on companies email patterns. It also checks the existence of emails by interacting with email servers.

2. Where can I use the Chrome Extension?

The Chrome extension is an easy to use tool that integrates with your Linkedin, Sales Navigator, and websites of companies. After installing it, you can use the action popup (blue Skrapp button on the top of your browser) to find email addresses and build your email lists.

For Linkedin search pages, you can use the red button embedded to your user interface to extract and save data.

You can watch our set of tutorial videos to learn more about the Chrome Extension: Link to tutorials.

3. Is it free?

Yes. You can create an account and get 150 emails/month recurrently.

4. What are email credits?

Email credits are the number of emails you can find using your account. You can track your email credits consumption on your web dashboard.

5. How can I use my email credits?

You can find emails by using our Google Chrome Extension along with Linkedin or websites of companies, or use our in-app features such us Domain Search and email finder.

6. When do I consume my email credits?

You consume your email credits when the Email Finder returns a valid email with an accuracy score higher than 75%.

7. Does the Email Finder handle duplicate search?

Yes, we keep track of every email you search since the creation of your account. You only consume your email credits when you find an email for the first time.

8. How many credits are debited from my balance when I use the "Domain Search" feature?

When performing a Domain Search, we only take credits from your account when you save emails. We output results without emails. For instance, when you search for, we output ten results without emails. When you save results, we debit ten credits from your balance.

9. What if I find bouncing emails?

Our system is not error-free and has a success rate of 85%. You can always report bouncing emails to us. For this purpose, you need to contact us at and provide bouncing proof and report.


1. How can I get more email credits?

If your email credits have expired, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans starting from $49/month and 1,000 emails/month.

If you are seeking a customized plan or package, please contact our sales staff at

2. What happens when I upgrade my account's subscription?

When you upgrade your account's plan, we cancel your last subscription and load your new credits instantly — remaining email credits from your previous subscription rollover to your new subscription credits.
The former also applies when you downgrade your account.

3. Do credits expire when the monthly plan renews?

Subscription credits do not expire as long as you have a membership, each subscription plan allows you to hold onto unused credits so that you may use them when the time is convenient. These stored credits are "rolled over" to your next billing cycle, either monthly or yearly.

4. Do credits expire when I cancel my subscription?

Email credits never expire. When you cancel your subscription, we no longer will load your balance with credits.

5. When and how can I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, even during the first month. Your subscription can be canceled manually from your account settings.


1. How can I add a team member to my subscription?

You can add a team member to your subscription from your team settings at

2. How does a team use credits?

When you add team members to your subscription, they share with you the same credits you have on your account balance. For instance, if your balance is 100/1000, and register a team member, the balance of the former will be updated to 100/1000. If your new team member uses 1 credit, the new balance of the entire team will be 101/1000.

3. Can I add a team member who has a premium account?

No, you can only add members who are on the free plan.

4. What happens when I delete a team member?

When you delete a team member, his account is reset to the free plan instantly, and no longer shares your account credits with you.

5. What happens to my team when I upgrade my account in the middle of an active subscription?

When you upgrade your account in the middle of an active subscription, we upgrade the entire team.