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How to Find Someone’s Email Address?

How to Find Someone’s Email Address?
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41% of marketers prefer email channels for marketing followed by social channels and paid ads, according to Litmus' 2023 State of Email Report.

Email lets you personalize messages using dynamic content and segmentation. To connect with people, you need their email address.

Here are 3 proven ways to find anyone's email.

1. Using Email Finder Tool (like Skrapp)

Email finder tools help you discover someone's email based on your criteria. Search using details like company, role, and experience.

These tools also provide extra info like alternate email addresses, phone numbers, and location.

Skrapp, an Email Finder tool, lets you find prospects from its database or LinkedIn profiles. You can:

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Pros and cons of using an Email Finder tool:


  • Saves Time: Email finder tools speed up contact info collection, saving time compared to manual searches.
  • Extra Details: Some tools offer more info about the person, aiding in understanding their role in the organization.
  • Seamless Workflow: Integrates with other tools like CRM systems for a smooth workflow.


  • Costs: Most tools are not free, and expenses can accumulate, especially with frequent or extensive use.
  • False Positives: There's a chance of getting incorrect results, where the generated email may not be the intended person's address. (This can be solved by using an Email Verifier tool)

Here's how you can use LinkedIn to find someone's email address.

Discovering an email with Google and advanced search involves using publicly available information. Follow these steps with Google's advanced search operators:

Start with Basics: Begin with the person's full name and additional details like job title or company.

Quotation Marks: Enclose the full name in quotation marks for an exact phrase search, making sure Google finds results with the complete name.

"John Doe"

Add Company Details: Narrow the search by including the person's company name.

"John Doe" "Company Name"

LinkedIn Search: Use the "site:linkedin.com" operator to focus your search on LinkedIn.

"John Doe" "Company Name" site:linkedin.com

Explore Professional Pages: Include other pages like personal websites, blogs, or professional directories where contact information may be listed.

"John Doe" "Company Name" site:example.com

Social Media Search: Expand your search to popular social media platforms. Utilize the site operator to target a specific social media site.

"John Doe" "Company Name" site:twitter.com

Advanced Techniques: Employ advanced operators like "intitle" to locate pages with specific titles or "inurl" to find pages with particular terms in the URL.

"John Doe" "Company Name" intitle:"contact" inurl:"about"

Email Patterns: Occasionally, you can predict email patterns using common formats (e.g., john.doe@company.com). Incorporate these assumptions into your search.

"John Doe" "Company Name" email

Pros and cons of using Google search to find someone’s address:


  • Free and Accessible: Google is a free and widely accessible search engine, making it an easily available resource for information retrieval.
  • No Additional Tools Required: No need for specialized tools or subscriptions, making it a cost-effective method.
  • Publicly Available Information: This method relies on publicly available information, potentially providing accurate and up-to-date details.
  • Simple and Quick: The process is relatively simple and quick, requiring only basic search skills.


  • Limited Accuracy: Information found may not always be accurate due to privacy settings, or incomplete, or outdated information.
  • False Positives: Search results may include false positives, leading to incorrect assumptions about the person's contact details.
  • Spam and Unwanted Contact: Careless attempts to find email addresses may result in unintentional spamming or unwanted contact, which can be perceived negatively.
  • Limited Email Patterns: While email patterns can be guessed, not all organizations follow a standard format, and relying solely on patterns may lead to inaccuracies.

3. Networking and Outreach

Using networking to find an email means talking to people who know the person. It's about building relationships and using existing connections.

Find Mutual Connections: Look in your network for people who know the person you want to reach. They could be colleagues, classmates, or friends.

Contact Mutual Connections: Ask your mutual connections if they can share the person's email or introduce you.

Use Professional Platforms: Connect on platforms like LinkedIn to find people who might have the info.

Write a Polite Message: When reaching out, be polite and professional, explaining your purpose and seeking help.

Go to Events: Attend industry events, conferences, or meetups where you might meet the person or others who know them.

Use Alumni Networks: If possible, use alumni networks; people from the same school often feel a connection.

Pros and Cons of Networking to Find Email Addresses


  • Personal Approach: It's personal, relying on human connections, which can lead to a positive response.
  • Mutual Trust: Using existing connections can build trust, making it more likely to get the info you need.
  • Information Verification: Details from networking can be checked from different sources, making it more reliable.
  • Relationship Building Opportunity: Networking lets you build professional relationships that may be useful beyond just getting an email.


  • Limited Success Guarantee: Success isn't guaranteed; the person may choose not to share or might be unreachable through your network.
  • Time-Consuming: Building connections and waiting for responses takes time compared to other methods.
  • Dependence on Network Size: Success may depend on the size and diversity of your network; limited options if it's small.
  • Potential Rejection: There's a chance of rejection, especially if your request is seen as intrusive or inappropriate.
  • Limited Reach in Some Industries: In certain industries, relying only on networking might be less effective, especially if people have a minimal online presence.

What's Your Favorite Method?

Whether you're using advanced search, email finder tools, or networking to find an email, be sensitive, respectful, and mindful of privacy.

Remember to verify email addresses—consider trying Skrapp Email Verifier.

Effectiveness varies, so a thoughtful and cautious approach is crucial. Whether online, tech tools, or personal connections, aim for meaningful and ethical communication in a professional context.