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Verify single or bulk emails with a 97% accuracy rate using our email checker.

Fast and precise email checker for reliable email verification

Single Email Verifier

Email verification is essential to avoid high bounce rates and lost opportunities caused by invalid email addresses. Skrapp's email checker validates your target emails in seconds. Input the email address you need to verify and let us handle the rest. With, you can trust that your emails will reach the intended recipients.

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Validate a full list in one go with bulk email verification

Bulk Email Verifier

Save the hassle of validating one email at a time. The bulk email checker allows you to validate your email lists in one go. With improved algorithms, our email checker ensures that every email address is accurately verified (97%), reducing bounce rates and enhancing the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Scale your email verification task with our API integrations

Email Verification APIs

Our APIs seamlessly integrate into your developer stack to programmatically verify emails at scale. Expect nearly 97% accuracy to reduce bounce rates and boost the efficacy of your outreach efforts. Explore a range of APIs with your developer team to address various purposes based on your email verification use cases.

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Request Example

curl "" -H "X-Access-Key:Your API Key" -H "Content-Type":"application/json"

Response Example

{ "email": "", "domain": "", "email_status": "valid", "message": "The email is valid", "format": "valid", "mailbox_status": "valid", "mailbox_type": "professional", "mailbox_exchange": "webmail" }

Email Verification checks

Syntax Check

Checks whether an email follows an acceptable format, e.g the email test@skrapp is invalid.

Role-based ID

Identifies shared inboxes linked to departments, e.g.

Gibberish Detection

Flags emails with random input or characters, e.g.,

Disposable Email Screening

Detects temporary emails not suitable for long-term communication.

Free Mailbox Check

Checks if an email is linked to free services like Gmail or Yahoo for list segmentation.

Expected email outcomes


Confirms an email address as active and reachable, marking it reliable for communication.


Indicates potential risk due to catch-all servers whose responsiveness may be uncertain.


Flags invalid emails due to non-existent servers, recipients' absence, or incorrect syntax.


Signifies an email status as unsure possibly due to server connectivity or configuration issues.


A temporary outcome denoting that verification is in progress due to a large email list.

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CRM integrations
CRM integrations
CRM integrations


Yes, our Email Verifier is a free tool accessible to all users. With a free account, you're allocated 200 email checker credits each month, allowing you to check the validity of your email list at no cost.

To verify a single email, simply enter the email address into the tool to receive immediate results. For bulk verification, you have the option to upload a list of email addresses via a .CSV or .XLSX file. Detailed instructions on this process can be found here: Email Verifier Guide.

The Email Verifier performs a complete check to ensure the accuracy of email addresses. This process includes validating the email format, identifying disposable or temporary emails, detecting gibberish email addresses, and finally, verifying the existence of the email recipient by connecting to their email server.

Verifying the same email address multiple times will only consume a single credit. Our system tracks each email verification to prevent redundant usage of your credits.

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Opt for 97% accuracy

Make a single email check or upload lists. Fetch email verification results in real-time, every time. is an email finder for B2B sales and email marketing. Our software transforms public data into an advanced prospecting email tool to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

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