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Find the professional email address of anyone for free.

A free email lookup tool.'s email finder is the easiest way to find someone's email for free. Perform an email search by providing the company name or website and the name of your lead.
We process millions of public data to find verified professional email addresses and put it all together to reduce your email research to seconds, and for free.

Linkedin Email Finder

Find professional email addresses from Linkedin and Sales navigator.

Bulk Finder

Lookup emails in bulk from your CSV or XLSX sheets.

Email Finder API

Are you a developer? Access the Email Finder through our API endpoint.

Common questions about the Email Finder

How does the Email Finder work?

Our algorithm scans and indexes publicly available web pages, using established email patterns to simulate email addresses for companies. Moreover, it verifies the presence of these emails by engaging with email servers.

Can you verify email addresses?

Yes. We provide a verifier along with the email finder. The verifier is an accurate tool that analyzes the status of your emails. On your web dashboard, you can spot the "Verification" column, which holds the status of your saved emails.

When do I consume my search credits?

You will expend your search credits when the Email Finder provides an email along with its verification status, and when you retrieve company data or professional emails using the Company Search feature.

Does the Email Finder handle duplicate search?

Yes, we keep track of every email you search since the creation of your account. You only consume your search credits when you find an email for the first time.

Have more questions? Read articles or submit support requests from our Help Center. We’d love to hear from you! is an email finder for B2B sales and email marketing. Our software transforms public data into an advanced prospecting email tool to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

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