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Yes. We provide a verifier along with the email finder. The verifier is an accurate tool that analyzes the status of your emails. On your web dashboard, you can spot the "Verification" column, which holds the status of your saved emails.

Upon adding team members to your subscription, they gain access to the same search credits available in your account balance. For example, if your balance is 100/1000 and you introduce a new team member, the initial balance will be adjusted to 100/1000 for both of you. As your new team member uses 1 credit, the collective balance for the entire team will then become 101/1000.

You will expend your search credits when the Email Finder provides an email along with its verification status, and when you retrieve company data or professional emails using the Company Search feature.

You can add a team member to your subscription from your team settings at Team Settings.

Subscription credits do not expire as long as you have a membership, each subscription plan allows you to hold onto unused credits so that you may use them when the time is convenient. These stored credits are "rolled over" to your next billing cycle, either monthly or yearly.

Yes, we keep track of every email you search since the creation of your account. You only consume your search credits when you find an email for the first time.

When you upgrade your account's plan, we cancel your last subscription and load your new credits instantly — remaining email credits from your previous subscription rollover to your new subscription credits.
The former also applies when you downgrade your account

You can cancel your subscription anytime, even during the first month. Your subscription can be canceled manually from your account settings. is an email finder for B2B sales and email marketing. Our software transforms public data into an advanced prospecting email tool to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

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