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CRM integrations
CRM integrations


The Email Finder is a lead generation and prospecting tool that offers comprehensive capabilities. It extracts lead data from online platforms, utilizing an advanced algorithm to index public web pages and predict company email patterns. The tool verifies emails by connecting to email servers, ensuring accuracy. Additionally, it provides detailed lead profiles, including names, job titles, company details, and professional network links. This makes it an invaluable resource for professionals seeking efficient, detailed information gathering for business outreach.

No, your credits are not used for duplicates. Our system only consumes credits for first-time finds of emails or companies. If a duplicate is identified, an email or company you've previously found or verified, it won't affect your credit balance. This ensures you maximize the value of your credits by using them only for new, unique contacts, avoiding waste on repeated discoveries.

With a premium account, you have the added benefit of your credits never expiring. This feature, known as credit rollover, ensures that any credits you buy are not just preserved but also accumulated over time.

Yes, our Email Finder tool complies with GDPR standards. For further details, please refer to our resources: Terms of Use for service guidelines, GDPR Compliance for our compliance specifics, and Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for data processing details in line with GDPR.

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Discover a proven process to build prospect lists. Repeat and meet your quarterly quotas. is an email finder for B2B sales and email marketing. Our software transforms public data into an advanced prospecting email tool to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

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