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Skrapp Email Verifier 2.0: Improved Accuracy and New Features

Skrapp Email Verifier 2.0: Improved Accuracy and New Features
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After working hard for 6 months, the team at Skrapp.io is super excited to share the news about Email Verifier 2.0! We made some big improvements to make sure our email verification tool is even better.


What's New and Improved?

More Accurate: Now, Skrapp.io's email verification is super accurate – a whopping 90%! That means you can rely on it big time.

Try it for Free: Get started with a free account and check up to 200 emails every month.

Bulk Email Checker: Have a bunch of emails? No problem. Upload a csv file and check them all with just one click.

Keep Everything in One Place: Head to the Skrapp dashboard to see all the emails you've checked – neat and tidy.

Easy Email Searching: Now, when you search for an email, the verification happens seamlessly. No need for extra verification credits – one credit covers both finding and checking an email.


New Features and Outcomes

With Email Verifier 2.0, we've added some important checks to make your experience even better:

  • Syntax Verification: Makes sure each email follows the right format, getting rid of addresses with mistakes in their structure.
  • Role-Based Email Identification: Finds emails associated with specific roles or departments, making it easier for targeted communication.
  • Gibberish Detection: Smartly spots email addresses with random characters, marking them as potentially invalid.
  • Disposable Email Screening: Checks for disposable email addresses, filtering out ones not suitable for long-term communication.
  • Free Mailbox Check: Evaluates if an email is linked to free email services, helping you segment your audience and plan your strategy.

Curious how to use Skrapp Email Verifier 2.0 to verify emails? Let's find out!

Understanding Verification Results:

  • Valid: Confirms the email address is active and reliable for communication.
  • Risky: Indicates potential risk, often due to catch-all email servers.
  • Invalid: Signifies a non-functional email address.
  • Unknown: Suggests that the email's status couldn't be determined.

Why Use Skrapp Email Checker Tool?

Boost the effectiveness of your email outreach with Skrapp.io's Email Verifier and Checker tools. Our solutions weed out inefficiencies, fine-tune your communication strategy, and give you the confidence of a dependable email list. Choose accuracy and efficiency – make the most of our tools for all your email validation needs.

How to Start Using Skrapp Email Verifier 2.0?

If you're ready to kick off with Skrapp Email Verifier, just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit the Skrapp Email Verifier page and enter the email ID you want to check.
  • Hit the Verify button, and it will quickly let you know if the email is valid.
  • You can also sign in and verify a whole list if you prefer the bulk option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Email Verifier Free?

Absolutely! Our Email Verifier is a free tool for all users. With a free account, you get 200 email checker credits each month, letting you check the validity of plenty of email addresses without spending a dime.

How Do I Use the Email Verifier?

For a single email, just type it in, and you'll get instant results. If you have a bunch, upload them via a CSV or Excel file for bulk verification. Find detailed instructions in our Email Verifier Guide.

How Does an Email Checker Work?

The Email Verifier does a thorough check to ensure accurate email addresses. It validates the format, spots disposable or temporary emails, identifies nonsensical addresses, and confirms the existence of the email recipient by connecting to their email server.

What if I Verify the Same Email More Than Once?

No worries! Verifying the same email multiple times only uses one credit. Our system keeps track to avoid redundant use of your credits.