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11 Ways to Find Anyone's Personal Email Address

11 Ways to Find Anyone's Personal Email Address
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So, you want to reach out to leads or customers but you want to do it in a personal, yet professional, way. What platform do you choose? Email, of course. There’s a reason choose email 89% of marketers and professionals choose email as their main channel for generating leads — it works! You could also use Facebook or Twitter, but email is 40x more effective at reaching a target audience than those two platforms.

You might be thinking, “Really? But I hate getting emails from unknown senders.” That’s true for many, but email still has the greatest reach, is easily customizable, permission-based, and it’s measurable. Those factors alone still make email the king of outreach or prospecting. And we haven’t even talked about personalization! There’s a reason Americans check their email up to 80 times a day, it’s where most potential partnerships take place.

But that’s enough about how great email is as an outreach channel. It’s time to start building that email list and starting conversations. To start breaking down the most popular ways to find anyone’s personal business email address, you can first look for their Contact Us page.

#1. The ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ Page

Before you start DMing prospects for email addresses and delving into the more complicated methods of gathering contact information, try the easy route — the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ page. Simply go to your prospect’s business’s website and see if their personal pages contain their email address.

You’d be surprised how many companies publish this info, especially smaller organizations that want to be contacted. And if the person you want to email isn’t listed, just email someone that is listed and ask them to forward your message.

#2. Subscribe to an Email List

Can’t find their email address on their website? Odds are they have an email list you can subscribe to that will send you newsletters and other pertinent info. While those are intended to grab potential customers, they can also be a means to get in contact with someone from the company. They most likely will not be a decision-maker, but someone that can lead you to the right person.

#3. Find Published Blog Posts

It’s common for prospects to be authority figures on certain industry subject matters. That means they might write blog posts that get published on the company’s website. Look for those blog posts and click on the author’s (prospect’s) name. That should bring you to their profile, which might contain an email address. Or, it might provide a contact form to fill out and that message can get sent to their personal email address.

#4. Give Them a Call

While this is listed at #4 on our list, you might consider this a last resort. But, if you really want to get a hold of this particular prospect and find their email address, try by any means necessary!

There’s no harm in calling if you’re almost certain they didn’t receive or open your messages. So you’re not being annoying because they haven’t seen or heard what you have to say yet. Just call up the main company line and ask for them by name and have a solid reason for asking for them. If they don’t want anything to do with you, then simply cross that one off your email list.

#5. Try Searching LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent source for finding B2B prospects. With 55 million registered businesses and 760 million users, you’re bound to find the professional you’re looking for. Even better, LinkedIn research has found that 85% of messages get replied to, which is over 3x the response rate email receives.

To ensure your message gets a reply, try to avoid sounding like you’re making a pitch. Remember that you’re just trying to start a conversation and eventually find their email address. Be sure to initially send them something resourceful to pique their interest.

#6. Try Searching Twitter

You never know where a prospect’s email might present itself to you. Try searching for their name on Google followed by the word “Twitter.” When you find their handle, search around for their email address or links to websites they could be associated with.

While this might take a little detective work, your chances of finding an email address will increase if they’re active on social media. If you can’t find it after a couple of minutes, you could resort to sending them a quick message. Just make sure you stick to the rules applied to LinkedIn messages above.

#7. Fill Out a Contact Form

Almost every website has a contact form you can fill out if you want a basic question answered. These are often received by an admin staff member, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you find who you’re looking for. Their job is to answer each and every inquiry, so it stands to reason that they’d attempt to forward your message to the person you ask for. It might be worth a try!

#8. Search WHOIS for Info

WHOIS is a website that enables you to find the data of people who have registered domain names. So if it’s an entrepreneur or independent business owner you’re looking for, who.is might be your ticket to their email address. Just type in the domain of the professional you’re looking for and it should pop up.

This one might need to be higher up on our list. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s not the most reliable channel for finding email addresses. But it’s definitely one of the easiest. All you have to do is type in your prospect’s name followed by “email address” and pray that one appears at the top of the search results. You never know, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

#10. Give Facebook a Try

While most people nowadays don’t advertise their email address on Facebook willingly, you might get an email address by accident. When people are initially setting up their business profile on Facebook, they typically fill out as much information as possible without thinking. So if you’re lucky, their business email address could still be on there. Or just maybe, they left it there on purpose.

#11. Use a Personal Email Finder

This option is obvious: it’s right there in the name! This might not be a marketing secret anymore, but a personal email finder (or an email lookup tool) is an easy way to find almost any address you’re in need of.

Oftentimes, they even provide you with a browser extension that makes searching even easier. For instance, the Skrapp.io extension smartly integrates with your LinkedIn and Sales Navigator and provides verified email addresses of leads instantly.

With Great Email Finder Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Remember, after you find an email address, it’s up to you to use it wisely. People don’t want to be spammed and you don’t want your IP address flagged. And most importantly, don’t annoy the prospects you’re emailing. Look to connect with these potential customers and start by building a relationship based on trust and honesty—that’s the ticket to a successful outreach campaign.

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