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Best Way to Sell to Startup Prospects - Email Info Lookup Tips

Best Way to Sell to Startup Prospects - Email Info Lookup Tips
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As a startup founder, closing sales deals is a critical part to your company’s success. Part of a regular sales rhythm is finding new customers and gaining revenue to grow your business. One of the best ways to find new leads is to build a targeted email list, and then successfully prospect those leads.

While you’re building out your sales and marketing engine, you’ll most likely need to rely on successful cold emails to drive sales. This article is focused on how you can build a list of prospects to target, and once you’ve done that, some tips for emailing them. The email info lookup process can seem intimidating and time-consuming, but there is a science to it.

How to Build an Email List

There are three major steps to building a complete email list. In most cases, it might be faster and easier for salespeople to use an email info lookup tool.

But if you don’t use that kind of tool, how do you determine who is interested in your offering? Let’s dive into how you can identify the right professionals for your email campaigns, and how you can create a full email address list.

Identify your ideal customer

Finalizing the blueprint of your ideal customer is the most important part of this process. Who your ideal customer is, what their needs are, and what solutions they need will affect every step of your subsequent prospecting exercises.

To discover who your ideal customer is, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions:

  1. What industry is this person working in that aligns to your business?
  2. What problems are they facing in their day-to-day life that your product or service solves?
  3. What professional title does this person have that is important to your business?

Once you get a general idea of who you need to target, you can better personalize your sales messaging. But before you even think about writing that email, you need to find your ideal customer’s email address.

The next step of selling to a new prospect is to look up their email info.

Find your ideal customers

Once you know who you want to target, you must gather their email information online. If you’re unsure where to start, Google can be a valuable resource to find startup prospects. You can use Google's search function to type in a company with an employee's name. For example, you can type “[company] [employee name] email” and see what appears. You can also search the relevant company website, but this might take more time than you have to build a complete email list.

A faster, more helpful website to find your ideal customer info is LinkedIn. A company’s LinkedIn page usually has their employees listed, which leads to their personal profile. From there you can find their job title and, with luck, their contact information. You can always send them a personalized message and politely ask for their business email.

Once you have a decent list of emails, you can build your email prospecting list.

Build the list to contact

Using Google and LinkedIn work well for creating a simple database full of potential email leads. However, if you want to boost your number of contacts and verify the emails you’ve collected, you can use an email tool or extension.

For example, Skrapp.io, an email info lookup tool, uses your imported database of contact names to find their emails. This email-finder software ensures that your email info is verified in a fraction of a second. An email finder is an invaluable B2B tool for creating a list of potential prospects.

Email info lookup tool

How to Effectively Prospect

Did you know that salespeople send an average of 36 emails per day? It can’t be too hard to craft an email that interests and entices prospects to click for more information.

Spoiler: It’s very hard.

Now that you have your bulk email list ready to go, the last thing you need to do is write an attention-grabbing sales email. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Some countries have different laws based on privacy. To make sure you’re not fined, and your valuable time isn’t wasted, ensure your sales emails aren’t against any government policy.

2. Use emotions, not facts

When you write a cold email, you want to connect with your prospect. Help them understand that you understand their pain points, and how exactly you can help them. Why do you feel a connection to their company or job role? Don’t push to schedule a meeting. The goal is to start a conversation.

3. Proofread, proofread, proofread

There’s no worse feeling than sending off a sales email and then, when you eagerly check for replies, you realize you spelt the prospect’s name incorrectly.

A good way to avoid this is by reading your email out loud to yourself before sending it. This slows your brain down and forces you to ‘see’ each word by itself. When people read on a screen, the brain processes information so quickly that mistakes are often overlooked.

Find New Leads with These Email Info Lookup Tips

Selling to cold prospects is never easy. Armed with this new knowledge of creating your ideal customer, finding their email info online, and building a solid list of startup contacts, any business professional can land more sales.

All it takes is a friendly, personalized prospecting email.

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