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The Best Email Lookup Process for 2024 Professionals

The Best Email Lookup Process for 2024 Professionals
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Generating and prospecting leads has always been important for increasing organic customers and creating new sales. However, when all you have is a person’s name or company webpage, looking up their emails to contact them can be a challenge. Even if you have their email, you probably want more information about them so you can compose a relevant email. In the past, you had to directly ask potential customers for information. You most likely couldn’t retrieve phone numbers, social media accounts, or other info online.

There are so many ways to connect with people that it can be overwhelming. But some things never change, like email. Email, in the business world, is still often the best way to convey your message in a personal, discreet way. Of course, to be able to send someone an email, you must first know their email, and that’s when the email lookup process comes in handy.

While you used to have to rely on a best guess to lookup an email, the process has come a long way over the years. The biggest difference in 2024 is the tools that provide the easiest way to find someone’s email address. These online services even allow you to find email addresses in bulk.

Let’s take a look at the modern ways professionals can perform email lookups in 2024.

Ask Via ‘Contact Us’ Email or ‘Contact Form’

While this way of obtaining emails isn’t new, it’s still effective. Most websites will provide an email or contact form to reach them. While emailing the address they provide or filling out the contact form, you can politely ask for the email addresses of the top executives or professionals you would like to get in contact with.

They might not always provide you with such details, but it never hurts to ask. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Plus, this way is free and you can target specific businesses. However, this process does take time and effort, and you need to wait for responses before you can start emailing leads.

While it’s sometimes possible to find someone’s email address by doing a simple Google search, you’ll often see hundreds of results pop up. These results pages might take a long time to sift through before you actually find the right email, if you find it at all. But with Advanced Google search operators, where you put quotes (“example”) around the email you think might be correct, only exact matches will appear. You’ll want to look for results that have the company’s website, social media pages, or personal blogs to know it’s real.

Email Lookup Google Example

If that doesn’t work, you can type in target keywords like the name of the person you’re looking for, plus “contact” or “email or “website” to find their email. You can also try the city they work in or the name of their previous employers to the queries. Also, try the root “site:” plus the company, name, and email. For example, “site:[company] [name] email.” You can always modify a word or two for better results. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can verify the email in Gmail to confirm it’s real.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

With an email lookup tool like Skrapp, all you have to do is type in the company name and person’s name to find anyone’s email address. You can turn hours of contact search into mere seconds. It allows you to look up emails instantly and for free.

The email finder comes with an email verifier so you can analyze the status of the emails you find. With millions of public data harvested daily, you’re sure to find any business or market. With this kind of tool by your side, you’ll be able to launch performant email outreach campaigns.

Lookup Email for Any Company

So you know which company you want emails from, but all you have is their website. With the Domain Search feature from Skrapp, all you have to do is type in the organization’s website or name and you can reach out to the most influential people in the company, like top executives and professionals.

This provides you with a fast and reliable search engine for companies. The Domain Search feature uses an algorithm to index public web pages and simulates emails based on companies’ email patterns. To ensure you also always get a real email address, it also checks the existence of emails by interacting with email servers.

For more targeted results, you can refine your email lookup search by adding a specific location as well as a job title or department. For instance, all you have to do is look for ‘managers’ in ‘San Francisco’ and you’ll get a list of contacts, which you can also choose to save.

You can then access those saved leads at any time by navigating through your list on the sidebar. This is a great way to boost your outreach pipeline.

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