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3 Ways to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn

3 Ways to Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn
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LinkedIn is a valuable resource for B2B businesses looking to find email addresses. Many users provide key details like industry, company, location, and job title, making it easier to target potential leads.

While LinkedIn offers its own messaging system with InMails, some prefer the personal touch of an email. Fortunately, you can leverage the platform to find someone’s email address and reach out to them directly.

But to make a truly personal connection, you'll need their email address. In this blog post, we'll explore the best methods for finding email addresses on LinkedIn.

1. Use LinkedIn Email Finder (e.g., Skrapp.io)

This is the fastest and most reliable way to find email addresses of your LinkedIn prospect.

The Skrapp Web Extension is a handy tool for finding email addresses while browsing LinkedIn. 

Simply activate the extension by clicking the button at the top right of your browser when you're on your target's LinkedIn page. A small box will pop up, displaying their information, including their email address. This tool provides verified addresses in a matter of seconds.

Once you've found the email address, you can easily export it to your Skrapp account for future reference.

Watch this video for a demonstration on finding someone's email on LinkedIn.

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2. Check the Contact Info Section

Some LinkedIn users opt to share their email addresses in the Contact Info section of their profiles. If your target has made their email public, you'll find it here. However, many users prioritize privacy and may not disclose this information.

When a user has included an email address, it will appear in the displayed module.

Potential drawbacks and limitations

Availability: Not all LinkedIn users share their email addresses publicly in the Contact Info Section, prioritizing privacy and security. Consequently, you might not always find the email you seek here.

Incomplete or Outdated Information: Even if an email address is listed in the Contact Info Section, it may not be current. People change jobs and emails, and LinkedIn profiles aren't always promptly updated.

Privacy Considerations: LinkedIn users control what information they disclose on their profiles, including email addresses. Seeking someone's email without consent may be intrusive and disrespectful of their privacy choices.

3. Make an Educated Guess

One method to find someone’s email address involves researching the structure commonly used by their company. Typical formats include “firstname.lastname@company.com” or “FirstInitialLastName@company.com,” such as “john.doe@skrapp.com.”

Once you've identified this pattern, you can piece together their email address by visiting their LinkedIn page. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Find the prospect’s LinkedIn page: Visit their profile on LinkedIn to find the website of their company. This website URL is essential for determining their email domain.
  • Identify email patterns: Many companies follow specific email patterns. You can find these by searching on Google or DuckDuckGo for “@companyname.com.” Then use Ctrl+F to locate “@” and find email examples in the search results, providing you with potential patterns.
  • Test the patterns: Tools like Skrapp can help verify email addresses and assess their validity.

If you successfully find someone's email using this method, congratulations! However, in most cases, this approach may not yield results due to various factors:

  • Usage of a nickname in the email address (e.g., Charles using Chuck).
  • Preference for a middle name which might not be publicly available.
  • Failure to update the profile after leaving the company.
  • Utilization of country-specific email addresses (e.g., @fr. for France).

As you can see, making an educated guess isn't always easy and can consume time. Nonetheless, it remains a viable option.

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