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How Your Startup Can Find Customers: Email Lookup By Name

How Your Startup Can Find Customers: Email Lookup By Name
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Finding emails of prospects can be time-consuming for smaller teams. Many founders or sales team leaders do not have the time to navigate through company websites or LinkedIn to create their sales emailing lists.

Businesses are also more wary than ever of scammers, and some contacts are protective of their own email addresses. So how can you effectively find customers who are interested in your offerings or service?

Let’s explain how founders can manually locate emails online, and how you can connect to prospects in a personalized manner.

Ways to Perform an Email Lookup By Name:

You may be using LinkedIn to find prospect’s profiles, or even potential investors. If you are using LinkedIn, try using their Sales Navigator tool.

If you have a Team or Enterprise account, Sales Navigator also has a filter called the TeamLink Connections. It can help you find the prospects who meet your lead qualifications and share a first or second connection with you. This is helpful for finding those customers who might be in your shared circles, which gives you a reason to reach out.

If you use Google to do an email lookup by name search, it can be tough to find solid information. Instead, try to find the phone number of a prospect’s company, then call their office. Ask the person who answers if they can assist you so they feel more inclined to help. If they give you an affirmative answer, then ask if you can confirm an email address.

Give them your honest guess of what your potential customer’s email is, and hopefully, the call receiver will give you the correct email once you make a mistake. Be sure to have your target prospect's name and department as well.

If you haven’t already, try using an email lookup tool that can take the hassle out of your email address search. An effective email lookup tool only needs the name and company name of the person to find their information. Another valuable tool with email lookup providers is a LinkedIn plugin so you can view any person’s profile and quickly find their email.

How Founders Can Reach Out to Prospects by Email

LinkedIn is a great place to reach out to real people if you’re using the free or paid version. You can introduce yourself, give them a personalized compliment, and then politely ask for their contact information.

But when should you send a sales email?

A common question founders have, after performing an email lookup by name and creating their email list, is when they should press send.

The best times to send cold emails are between 6 AM and 7 AM, and in the evenings around 8 PM. Research suggests that reply rates around this time period can be up to 45%.

If you don’t receive a response, that does not mean the potential customer is rejecting your offer. Maybe they didn’t see it, or opened it and forgot to respond. Either way, sending a follow-up email will improve your chances of a response. Follow-up emails typically get a better response rate than the first email. One study found that they had an 18% response rate to the first email, 13% to the fourth, and 27% to the sixth.

It’s always a good idea to track your email data and see what days you get the best open and response rates for future reference.

Make Sure to Verify Your List of Email Addresses

The internet is full of false and outdated information. If you verify the contact details of your potential prospects, then you have a much better chance of getting a real person to read your message. You also won’t get a large bounce rate for your emails, and if it’s personalized and specific, the prospect might respond.

If you don’t want to spend hours doing one email lookup by name for every company you want to reach out to, then consider Skrapp.io. Our Chrome extension verifies emails from potential customers in seconds. It integrates with the Sales Navigator tool, LinkedIn, and also allows you to find emails in bulk with a company name.

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