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How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost? Your 2024 Pricing Guide

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost and Pricing
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps salespeople find leads, research prospects, and gain valuable insights. But it's not free. This guide breaks down the pricing, features, and helps you decide if it fits your budget. 

From solopreneurs to sales teams, this info will help you pick the right plan. Let’s learn more about Sales Navigator pricing.

What is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Imagine you're at a farmers market. The basic LinkedIn platform is like the whole market itself. You can walk around, see the different stalls (profiles), and maybe even chat with a few vendors (people you connect with) you recognize.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is like having a personal shopper at that market. This shopper helps you by:

  • Target the right buyers: Find ideal customers faster with filters.
  • Get insights: Uncover valuable intel on prospects like company news and recent activity.
  • Connect with ease: Get introduced to the perfect people to grow your sales.

Sales Navigator helps you find the right customers, learn about their needs, and build connections that close deals. It's your shortcut to sales success.

Linkedin Sales Navigator Dashboard
Linkedin Sales Navigator Dashboard

Basic LinkedIn vs. Sales Navigator


Basic LinkedIn

Sales Navigator



Paid, various plans

Who uses this?

Everyone, anyone

Most sales professionals

Prospect searching


Advanced search options

Profile views per search


Higher for bigger plans

Direct messages

Only to connections

Anyone on LinkedIn

Lead magnet 



Sales activity tracking

No (basic)

Yes (LinkedIn premium)


Linkedin Sales Navigator Pricing: Tiers and Plans

Linkedin Sales Navigator Pricing
Linkedin Sales Navigator Plans

Sales Navigator keeps things simple with monthly or yearly plans (save 20% annually!). Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Core: $99/month ($959.88/year)
  • Advanced: $149/month ($1,300/year)
  • Advanced Plus: Starts at $1600/seat/year (price may vary by location)

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core Pricing


  • Monthly: $99/month including free trial
  • Annual (save 20%): $959.88/year
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core pricing
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core


  • Find the perfect leads: Use advanced filters and recommendations to target ideal customers.
  • Uncover hidden connections: Relationship Explorer reveals the best ways to reach decision-makers. (New! Relationship Map builds dynamic org charts.)
  • Stay in the know: Get real-time alerts on job changes, content, and more for key prospects.
  • Prioritize effectively: Account Hub keeps track of your most important accounts.
  • Connect directly: Send 50 InMails per month to initiate conversations.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Pricing


  • Monthly: $149/month including free trial
  • Annual (save 20%): $1,300/year
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced pricing
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced


  • Get everything in Core, plus…
  • Account IQ (NEW): AI-powered summaries for faster account research and planning.
  • Buyer Intent Signals: Identify prospects actively interested in your offerings.
  • CRM Embedded Profiles: See LinkedIn details directly within your CRM for seamless workflows.
  • Smart Links: Track engagement on shareable content packages.
  • TeamLink: Leverage your company network for better lead connections.
  • Advanced Team Features: Manage user access, track usage, and get dedicated support.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Pricing


  • Annual only: starting at $1,600/year
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus pricing
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus


  • Get everything in Advance, plus…
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Connect directly to Dynamics 365 Sales or Salesforce for a unified workflow.
  • Data on Autopilot: Keep your CRM data fresh with automatic updates on job changes and more.
  • Quick Lead Generation: Create new leads and contacts directly within Sales Navigator.
  • Prove Your Value: Track ROI with custom reports demonstrating the impact of Sales Navigator.

How to Purchase the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

You can start with the free trial. 

Note: The free trial is only available for members who are currently not on any LinkedIn paid subscription plan and have not taken any LinkedIn free trials for the last 365 days.

How to downgrade or upgrade?

Through Settings: Go to Sales Navigator settings and choose your new plan.

Contact Sales Navigator: Email the team for personalized assistance with upgrades or downgrades.

How to cancel a subscription?

You can stop your subscription whenever you want. If you're on the Annual Plan, your subscription will end at the end of the year you've already paid for. If you're on the Monthly Plan, your subscription will end at the end of the month you've already paid for.

  • Sign in to Sales Navigator.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click "Cancel Subscriptions" under Account Type.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost vs. Value

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is great for salespeople, but it has its downsides:

  • Learning Curve: It can be hard to use, especially if you're new to LinkedIn or CRM systems. You'll need to spend some time learning how to use it.
  • Limited InMail Credits: You can send messages to people you're not connected with, but you only get 50 messages per month. This can limit how many people you can reach out to.
  • Can't Export Leads: You can't take leads out of Sales Navigator to use in other ways, like for email campaigns.

So, how to overcome these shortcomings?

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Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Skrapp Extension 

The Skrapp LinkedIn Extension is straightforward to use and complements LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively.

For instance, Sales Navigator doesn't allow downloading CSV files of leads. In such situations, Skrapp comes in handy, enabling you to download CSV files and seamlessly upload them to your CRM.

Furthermore, Skrapp helps you find and transfer emails and other lead details from LinkedIn to your CRM, empowering personalized outreach in the future.

If you aim to transition your outreach efforts from LinkedIn back to your inbox, Skrapp proves invaluable.