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Top 21 Linkedin AI Tools for Content Creation, Automation, Lead Gen, And Analytics

Top 21 Linkedin AI Tools for Content Creation, Automation, Lead Gen, And Analytics
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LinkedIn has over a billion users and it continues to grow. Your next big client could be browsing right now. Yet, navigating this vast network can be overwhelming. That's where AI tools come in—they help you grow your reach on LinkedIn and reach the right audience.

AI automates tasks, provides deep insights, and enables personalized interactions at scale. Whether you aim to boost your profile visibility, streamline lead generation, or optimize your content strategy, AI is your essential partner.

This article explores the top LinkedIn AI tools to help with content creation, lead generation, analytics, and more.

Content Creation


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Content creation and scheduling.

Lately uses AI to repurpose long-form content into multiple social media posts. It also offers scheduling features to automate posting on LinkedIn and other platforms.


Content generation.

Jasper AI can help generate engaging LinkedIn posts, articles, and messages using natural language processing. It’s especially useful for creating personalized messages or content ideas.


Writing assistance.

Provides AI-powered content creation for social media posts, including LinkedIn. It helps in writing compelling posts and personalized messages quickly.


Writing and editing.

Grammarly’s AI checks for grammar, tone, and style, ensuring your LinkedIn content is professional and effective.


Visual content creation.

While not exclusively AI, Canva offers AI tools for designing visually appealing posts, infographics, and banners for LinkedIn.

Scheduling and Automation


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Social media scheduling.

Buffer uses AI to optimize post timing and engagement. It allows you to schedule LinkedIn posts and provides analytics on their performance.


Social media management.

Hootsuite’s AI tools help with scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and suggesting optimal posting times for LinkedIn.

Sprout Social

Scheduling and analytics.

Offers AI-driven scheduling, content performance analytics, and social listening tools to enhance your LinkedIn strategy.


Content automation.

Automates the posting of LinkedIn content and recycles evergreen posts. AI helps in analyzing which posts perform best and schedules accordingly.

Prospecting and Lead Generation


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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Advanced prospecting.

While a LinkedIn premium service, it leverages AI to recommend potential leads, suggest warm introductions, and provide insights on prospects.


LinkedIn email finder

Integrates with LinkedIn via Chrome extension to help you find the emails of your prospects - which you can save on Skrapp dashboard and bulk export.


Personality insights.

Uses AI to analyze LinkedIn profiles and provide personality insights. This helps tailor your communication and sales approach to each prospect’s personality.


Lead generation.

AI-driven tool that finds LinkedIn leads based on specific criteria and integrates them into your CRM. It also offers contact details and company information.


LinkedIn automation.

AI-powered tool for automating LinkedIn outreach and prospecting. It allows for personalized messaging at scale and tracks engagement metrics.


LinkedIn automation and lead generation.

Automates LinkedIn profile visits, connection requests, and messaging. AI helps in targeting the right prospects and streamlining outreach processes.

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Social Selling and Engagement


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Octopus CRM

LinkedIn CRM automation.

AI-powered tool that automates LinkedIn profile visits, endorsements, messaging, and connection requests. It also integrates with other CRMs to track interactions.


LinkedIn engagement.

AI-driven tool that boosts LinkedIn post engagement through a network of pods, which are groups of users who support each other’s content.


Analytics and engagement.

Provides in-depth analytics on LinkedIn posts and profile activity. AI-driven insights help in optimizing content strategy and understanding audience engagement.

LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn automation.

Automates various LinkedIn activities such as message sending, profile visiting, and connection requests. AI features help in targeting and managing prospects.

AI-Powered Analytics


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Content creation and analytics.

AI-driven scheduling, posting, and content curation, along with performance analytics to refine your LinkedIn strategy.


LinkedIn analytics for personal profiles

Analyze your data therefore optimize your content performance on LinkedIn while at the same time grow your influence in your network.

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While LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding, knowing, and reaching your prospects, we also encourage you to explore email as a channel. For this, consider using Skrapp email finder to accurately locate your prospects' email addresses from their company websites.