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Find valid email addresses of anyone. Start the lookup with a name and a company.

An Email Lookup tool for growth.'s email finder is the easiest way to find someone's valid professional email address for free. Start an email search by providing the company name or website and the name of your prospect.
Simplify your outreach efforts and connect with key contacts instantly.

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Linkedin Email Finder

Find valid email addresses from LinkedIn and Sales navigator in seconds. Turn your LinkedIn into a lead generation powerhouse.

Bulk Email Finder

Lookup valid email addresses from CSV or Excel sheets. Enrich your existing databases with relevant data.

Email Finder API

Are you a developer? Access the Email Finder through our API endpoint. Automate your Email Lookup processes.

FAQs about the Email Finder

Our email finder tool operates by scanning and indexing publicly available web pages to gather information. Leveraging established email patterns, we generate email addresses for companies. This process enables us to develop an advanced Machine Learning algorithm that accurately classifies email patterns associated with different companies. Additionally, we ensure the validity and existence of these email addresses through our integrated email verifier, providing users with reliable and verified contact information.

Yes. We provide an integrated email verifier along with the email finder. The verifier is an accurate tool that analyzes the status of your emails. On your web dashboard, you can spot the "Email Status" column, which holds the status of your saved emails found through the email finder tool.

You will use your search credits when the Email Finder returns an email address along with an email verification status.

Yes, we keep track of every email you search since the creation of your account. You only consume your search credits when you find an email for the first time.

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Riz A review
Riz A

Director of Demand Generation, Edifecs

Skrapp really helps us find target contacts via LinkedIn. We looked at many of the competing solutions, and we found Skrapp to be easier and more accurate.

Caleb S review
Caleb S

Founder, SocialBloom

So far, the ROI on Skrapp has been more than any other tool in our tech stack. Its quality data has led to thousands in deals for our company.

Philip H review
Philip H

Business Development, Sock Fancy

Skrapp is a revenue hacker's dream come true. Perfectly priced for the awesome service it provides to help companies grow.

Recognized as a leading email verification software by Gartner Digital Markets Brands 2023

CRM integrations
CRM integrations
CRM integrations

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