Find prospects in seconds with our database of emails and companies

Discover companies and professionals from your target market using a database of 20M+ companies at your access.

We call it People Search.

Got names? Now you have their email

Need to connect with professionals from specific companies? Enter their name and company in the People Search tab and see the results appear in your Skrapp account. The output is enriched with their work email, role at the company, and geo.

The best part? Instant results right on your screen—no need to switch to LinkedIn for a profile search.

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Discover professionals & companies as per your ICP

Got an ICP that defines your target market? With People Search, set parameters like company type, industry, employee count, geo, founding year, revenue, funding status, and more.

Plus, leverage lead filters such as job title for a contextual search, revealing profiles of real professionals in your ICP-match companies. All that and more are included in Skrapp's database.

Find key info about your leads

Whether you're after broad specs like industry and geo or diving deep into filters like founding year and funding status, People Search in your Skrapp web app delivers targeted results, opening doors to new market segments.

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Scale up your prospecting game

Found your match in our database? Ready to reach out? Bulk enrich work emails or handpick your top prospects. Extract your winning lead list in .CSV/.XLSX or transfer it to your CRM—be it HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Pipedrive, or Zoho.

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Welcome to a goldmine of prospect data

People Search lets you expedite your outreach efforts by performing all the necessary steps within your Skrapp account. Going forward, you don't need to switch tabs between prospect websites or LinkedIn. is an email finder for B2B sales and email marketing. Our software transforms public data into an advanced prospecting email tool to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns.

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