How to find emails of a list of people

Turn your sheets into a database with the Bulk Email Finder. Learn how to use it here.

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Turn your sheets into email lists with the Bulk Email Finder.

Your file should be in a .CSV or .TXT format and has to contain the following mandatory columns:

Name: First name and last name columns; or one full name column.

Domain or Company name: The website or name of the company.

Step 1 Upload your CSV file

- Create a New Task on the Bulk Finder page.

- Check the box “Included” if your file has a header.

- Select your destination list. You can either choose a pre-existing list or create a new one.

- Upload your CSV file.

- Hit “Review CSV”

Step 2: Map fields

To ensure compatibility between the original file and your destination list, you will be asked to match the fields on your CSV to those on your Skrapp list.

- Head to each field and choose which item matches it from the drop-down menu.

- If an item is irrelevant, or if you would like to exclude it, check the box “Skip Column”.

- Click on “Launch”.

Step 3: Launch

Once the upload is complete, head to your newly created/updated list to find the results.

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